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RestaurantGoDigital - AtTea 署茗職茶

The Brand

Founded by award-winning singer Jam Hsiao, AtTea dares to be different not just in their drinks and brand presentation. From the unique decor and design to the special blend of flavors, AtTea provides an experience that not only excites your sense of taste, scent, and sight but also elevates your sense of pride.

Bubble tea is one of the favorite beverages for Singaporeans despite the milk base drink originating from Taiwan. Despite the vast selection of over 60 bubble tea brands in the city-state AtTea appears to be one of the strong emerging brands offering premium ingredients and unique drink flavors.

The 3 outlets are located in 313@Somerset, Tiong Baru Plaza, and Sun Plaza with steady growth withness the acceptance of the new brand as one of the most popular Bubble Tea brands among Singapore's bubble tea fans (and Jam Hsiao's fan).

The Challenge

AtTea embarks on a plan to build a successful bubble tea brand. However, the growth has encountered some challenges due to the existing POS systems and limitations to integrate with membership programs. Despite months of revision and patching, they have recognized the platform limitation which is costly and uncertain to deliver the expected outcome they sought for.

The problematic membership programs contradict the original attempt to reward their customers who turn against them and become a pain point for the customers to enjoy the membership rewards and create additional stress to the cashier to explain and rectify point discrepancy for the members.

Going Digital

Making a decision to change for a more reliable POS system and migrating existing membership and their loyalty point can be challenging tasks but with the help of the EISOL team, that has given some confidence and assurance to AtTea management.

With the new Eats365 POS to streamline the ordering process, AtTea can better focus on shifting the membership and restarting with Rewardly. They have taken the opportunity to implement some automation by rewarding the new signup members, automatically sending a birthday greeting message with free drinks vouchers to the members.

The result is convincing and AtTea has successfully signup 5000 members in just 3 months.

It has once again proved that a membership and loyalty program is an important marketing strategy for the bubble tea and drink business. But some rules to adhere to,

  • The membership and Loyalty system should be integrated with the POS

  • Rich in features with stable functionality

  • Responsive and easy to access

  • Not require installation of the membership app

Loyalty and membership programs empower smaller bubble tea brands to leverage and compete with much larger players and apply it correctly!


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