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Sennheiser IT Show 2016


Sennheiser Electronics Asia


438B Alexandra Road, #01-06/08, Tower B, Alexandra Technopark, 119968


Sennheiser is a synonym for high end audio equipment well known by audiophile and professional. It represent the qualify and precision trusted by music enthusiasts.


For the first time participant in IT Show by the company, Sennheiser wanted to provide a smooth customer experience for the visitor who come to the IT Show 2016. It is critical to ensure that while customer learning about the exhibit products, they can easily purchase Sennheiser product without having to wait in the long queue to make payment or confused by the pricing of the wrong pricing tags or error due to the POS systems. EISOL team offer our knowledge and expertise of what we did best to streamline the sales operation and ensure that right hardware are being use for coping with high volume sales during the 4 days event. We have deploy our engineer to standby on site to handle any hiccup that could happen during the show. Apparently, our engineer who is a music enthusiasts (and guitarist) enjoy so much by helping in promoting Sennheiser product as well. :)


Apart from being able to sell, efficiently and professionally. We would like to capture the sales and able to analyse it after the event so that we are able to do it better for the next event. We trust EISOL for the advise given on the choice of hardware and helping us to load the products and pricebook to automate the sales operations. Our staff are able to handle the sales quickly for the simple and intuitive user interface.

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